Saturday, October 3, 2015

Advance the Colors Con

Great convention in Springfield, Ohio this weekend. It is a HMGS Great Lakes chapter con. I played in the SAGA tournament with my brother Ted. He place second and I placed third. He bested me by one technical (slaughter) point!! I was so engrossed in all the games that I only remembered to take photos in the very last one.  I played Vikings and am happy with the way they played. I took a few photos. 

Doesn't look to good for the home team🙀

Closeup of Jeff's Crusaders. 

My berserkers on the hill attempt a last dig assault on the mounted knights. 

The game ended with the remaining mounted troops and their warlord killing my warlord. Fudge!!  Great game and I learned a bunch. 

And there's my friendly opponent Jeff Fletcher who also happened to win the tournament.  Thanks Jeff for a great game and also a big thank you to Steve Phallen for running the tourney. 

Some additional photos of a couple games below. 

These pics are the 15mm Alamo game run by Gettysburg Soldiers. 

My brother Ted wins big at the raffle. His tickets where drawn three times!

Author of "Song of Drums and Tomahawks", Mike Demana and his very impressive F&IW game. 

Three photos of the Flames of War tournament. 

Great time. I just wish I would have taken more photos!

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