Thursday, February 18, 2016

Black Powder Napoleonic

Thought I'd post some pics of the game that my son and I started playing. It's a 15mm version of Black Powder rules. French vs. Prussians. We both enjoy the rules. 
The Prussians are on the right lined up for action. 

A pic showing my WW1 map of Europe on the wall in the background. 

Hey John Patrick what are you doing over on the French side?😄. He joined in for about 3 full turns. 

The Prussians surge up the center. 

The French open fire and disorder a few units. 

The center is starting to get real hot. 

Prussian right pressures the French. A unit of lancers route a French hussar unit and one infantry unit! Wow! It happened fast and that is one reason we really like these rules. 

The French occupy two of the center building complexes. 

A Prussian reserve division sits and waits for an opportunity. Btw we consider each unit a brigade so 3 to 4 brigades make up a division. It seems to work well. 

Prussian cavalry reserve waiting...

The Prussians deploy their artillery reserve to blast the French out of the structures! 

To be continued....

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Some Workbench Activities

I've found a little time in between house work items to hobby a little. 

I started to scratch build some bocage for my upcoming WWII campaign. John and I are going to play the TFL's pint sized campaign 'Kampfgruppe Von Luck'.   I need to paint up some supports for my Red Devils as well as some terrain. 
I am using materials that I have laying around. Poly board on wooden sticks for support. 
Here is the foam cut with my hot wire cutter (from Hot Wire Foam Factory). 

I used wood glue for a strong bond. 

Here's a pic with both 20mm & 28mm scale figures. I wanted something in between for both scales. 

The glue is dry. Now time for some stakes and paint.