Sunday, September 13, 2015

F&IW Action - Rangers Attack

Great game tonight over at John's wargames den. This was a skirmish level game using 28mm figures and John Patrick's rules, "Too Few to Fight and Too Many to Die".   The scenario is based upon a British raid upon an indian settlement. The settlement is a small gathering of several tribal delegations and a small French force.  The British player gets to pick where and how to deploy. They also get to move first.
The Rangers move past the Miami sentry and by turn two are actually in the village!

Two Rangers take on a lone Miami sentry. 

The sentries' musketry alerts all of the other tribal members!  The Ottawa, Miami, Delaware and Sac Fox all deploy from their long houses. 

The Sac Fox are on the wrong side of the river. 

The British move fast and push hard with their initiative.  Will surprise work?

On the bottom right the Miamis prepare to push the British left flank. 

Another photo of the Miamis. 

By the end of turn three there is much death and dismay in the village. The Rangers were surprised at the amount of warriors that are present. 

Bear Claw says, "no one take rock from me"!  Two Rangers down...

The British regulars, some allied Mohawks and another Ranger unit try to press the village from the front and opposite flank. 

A view front the British lines. BTW - the red yarn rings represent wounds. 

The Rangers that rushed the village are whiped out to the man.  By Turn five the Delaware and Miamis have checked the British advance; but at the expense of most of the Ottawa warriors. 
The Sac Fox are arriving in the nick of time.  A good thing too, the Delawares are whiped out on the Brits right flank. 

Some Miamis take up position on the British left flank. 

The British fall back and shore up their line.  It's time to rely on marksmanship!

Where are the French?  

The last few turns become a see-saw of rushes with hand to hand fighting and point blank firing. Neither side gives but both have suffered greatly. 

Too many out of action!

The Miamis give one last fire at the British, but it's too late. The remaining British and Mohawk allies flee with many scalps. 

The British achieved their objective. To disrupt the meeting, slay more than they suffer in casualties and take scalps for victory points. 
Well done Brits!

Overall a very fun game that was fast paced and well balanced. Each turn either side could have changed the outcome.  The game was undecided until the very last turn. 
Thank you John for a great game!

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