Monday, June 9, 2014

Orcs, Orcs and More Orcs

My son has been on a tear of all things "Lord of the Rings" for quite some time. I have busied myself with Arthurians for a while so we've decided to merge them for some large LotR games. We will probably use the Too Fat Lardies rules, Dux Britanium. It has a great campaign system and is an excellent set of rules. I have played a campaign previously with Romano-Brits vs. Saxons. This new campaign will be Orcs (with some Uruk-Hai and Goblins mixed in) vs. Rohan.
I am hosting a paint night at my gamers den this Wednesday night. Steve Miller is coming over to show my son a very good fast paint method. The challenge is to get 50 Orcs based painted and washed in one evening. Hmmm... I am skeptical since I am a perfectionist, slow, methodical painter. Hope it works out. Anyways, here are today's results of all the prep work. 

Washed spruces ready for pruning. 

Cole cleaning the flash on the metal figures. 

This is a very, very old cement tube. Look at the price!  Works as good as the new. 

The part I hate. Assembly. 

Cole is cleaning the plastics now. 

Ok. We cleaned all the mold lines and little nubs. Now time to base em. 

There we go. 69 models ready to go. 

Mounted them on 2" wide card board strips with a dab of hot glue. 

Primed white. Done and ready for paint. The strip in the middle and left adjacent to it where primed with white gesso by krylon. The others with just flat white primer. We'll see which is better. If at all.