Monday, August 19, 2013

Drums at the Rapids - Pirate Game - May 17th, 18th 2013

The Brits plan to cut the Pirates off from shore.  They want to block any landing parties.

The pirates on upper left plan to land assault parties and deal a blow to the Royal Navy.  The French control the island.

A fast moving pirate sloop (bottom left) gets by while the other runs into some trouble.

Two French shore guns (in the citadel) start to shoot at the pirate ships.  Will the French & British put their differences aside long enough to stop the pirates from 'springing' Capt. Jack from the jail?

Looks like one of the pirate sloops has run aground on one of the small islands.

Hmm.... Pirate Captains have a quick conference.  And they thought all they had to do was defeat the French!  That sinking Royal Navy!!

Night falls on this day's game with the Royal Navy running 2 pirate ships off & sinking another.  Victory to French & Brits on Friday nights game.

Next morning's game sees additional pirates popping up while the Brits try to slow the landing parties.

 For Saturday's game we changed the board so there is more land mass then water.  Also the full town and harbor is in place. 

Hmm... wonder where Capt. Jack is?

The pirates land some men (and women!) and ready themselves for land combat.

The civilians run for cover!

More pirates show up from land!

Saturday's game ended with victory to the French and British.  At one point the French player made a deal with the pirates in order to win the game.  Unfortunately for pirates the French Governor reneged on his 'pact' and quickly fired into the pirates.  This treachery insured the British and French a win.  It was a fun game and all involved seemed to really enjoy it.  Now... some day I promise to publish the rules!!

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