Tuesday, August 27, 2013

French & Indian War Action

My friend John was kind enough to run his Ft. Sandusky game for us. It is close to home since the fort was built very close to where we are located (Sandusky Ohio).  This scenario will be run at our HMGS Great Lakes Con, Advance the Colors, this Sept. 
Local Indian warriors debate whether to join the French and help defend the fort or leave.  Meanwhile, the British land troops from their ship in the bay. 
Closer view of the warriors. 
A British ship fires down Cold Creek directly at the fort. 
Better view of the game table. Cold Creek runs through the middle of the table.  It outlets into Lake Erie via Sandusky Bay. 
Heavy skirmishes break out along a path East of the Creek. 
Couple of mid-game photos showing the skirmishes. 
The British regulars approach the fort West of the creek!
The crackle of musketry. 
The French start to fall back into the fort. 
In the end the Brits push what's left of the French back into the fort. The Indians decide they don't like what is happening and pack up for another day.  Minor victory went to the British since they scattered the Indians, bloodied the Frenchies noses, and basically controlled all but the fort itself. But it did cost them quite a bit in casualties. 

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