Sunday, March 31, 2013

Workbench Cleanup Time!!!

OK... I don't think I'm alone here when I can honestly say that my workspace tends to, let's say, get outta hand.  It seems that with my visions and my two sons interests, things just build up and overcrowd the workspace.  This week I plan on cleaning up my workbenches. 
 Above are what is next on the bench.  Mainly Modern/Post-Apocalyptic Zombie stuff.  You might be able to make out the West Wind motorcycle gang.  This is a pretty bid project.  We have some modern zombie stuff already so hopefully when this next wave is complete we will have about 160 28mm zombies and about the same number of humans. 
 The side bench is above.  One maybe able to spot a unit of Spanish WSS troops for the pirate game.  I know... this is too much clutter. 
 A little to the left of this bench is the LotR project and some 40k stuff.  Not mine, but collecting dust all the same.
 Better view of the modern stuff and the motorcycles.
Elephants and Sloth Buggies!  Oh boy, cleanup is needed!  I will post the clean up photos (hopefully soon).

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