Sunday, March 6, 2016

Skull Markers

I am in need of an organized system for tracking fatigue, shock or hits on units.  Chain of Command rules utilizes a system of "shock" points while Saga refers to fatigue which is basically the same thing. Black Powder rules tracks hits on a unit. So.... I need something that is universal and inexpensive for tracking wear on a unit. I purchased a couple bags of plastic skull beads off of eBay. They can also be found in craft stores during Holloween. 

So, here's the idea. 5 skulls per stick!

I stuck a bunch of toothpicks into some cardboard which was covered with paper. You'll want to do this so removal is easier. You could try sticking them into foam board but some glues will heat up and melt the foam. So I used cardboard from a box I had laying around. 

Next I placed 1" washers over them and 
(Actually, place the washers first if your layout area is cramped!) double checked the height with 5 skulls. 

I used a good PVA glue to fill in the washer holes. If I do this again I will space out the rows so my hand can get in between easier.  Maybe just do a long strip of markers instead of a block pattern.  Anyways, over fill the void a bit since most glues shrink. 

Glue is done. Let it dry over night. Remove them from the cardboard (you'll see why the top paper is used). Next trim the stubs that stick out from the bottom. The piece of toothpick that was stuck in the cardboard. I used my trusty figure trimmer that cuts figures from the sprue.  Then spray prime whatever color you like. I used black since I didn't want to paint the toothpicks. 

Let the primer dry. You can see the little holes in the cardboard where the point was stuck in the cardboard in this photo. 
Next just finish the base as you want. I didn't want to spend a bunch of time so I just flocked the base and called it good. 

These will work good I think. 

Here they are in use during a 15mm game of Black Powder. 


  1. Skulls for the Skull Throne of Khorne!!!

    Actually, that's very clever. Nice idea, thanks!