Thursday, February 18, 2016

Black Powder Napoleonic

Thought I'd post some pics of the game that my son and I started playing. It's a 15mm version of Black Powder rules. French vs. Prussians. We both enjoy the rules. 
The Prussians are on the right lined up for action. 

A pic showing my WW1 map of Europe on the wall in the background. 

Hey John Patrick what are you doing over on the French side?😄. He joined in for about 3 full turns. 

The Prussians surge up the center. 

The French open fire and disorder a few units. 

The center is starting to get real hot. 

Prussian right pressures the French. A unit of lancers route a French hussar unit and one infantry unit! Wow! It happened fast and that is one reason we really like these rules. 

The French occupy two of the center building complexes. 

A Prussian reserve division sits and waits for an opportunity. Btw we consider each unit a brigade so 3 to 4 brigades make up a division. It seems to work well. 

Prussian cavalry reserve waiting...

The Prussians deploy their artillery reserve to blast the French out of the structures! 

To be continued....

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