Monday, March 6, 2017

Bunker Bar and Wargame Gaming Room

 Well, it took me a few months to just get the ambition to post this.  My Wife & I purchased our house in Bellevue, Ohio in August of 2015 after moving from Texas to Ohio.  I was looking for a basement that was untouched and low & behold it was in the house my Wife wanted!  A+++
We started work on the basement that Autumn and completed the bulk of the work by December 2015.   I have steadily worked on small but important items to complete it.  We, as a family did all of the work, including the ceiling, walls, floors, pallets, electrical and water lines.  Yes, I am handy with these items.  Some of the items I would recommend contracting out if you are not familiar with.  They can be hard to do and/or dangerous if you're not familiar with the nature of the work.  

Well, here it is today; about 90% compete!

The start: OMG, this is gonna be a lot of work.

Completely untouched basement.  Fortunately it is perfect.

Need to constantly move items to clear the work area.

Good view of future Bunker Bar on day 1.

The worst part was power spraying the ceiling rafters.

Painting the brick pattern on the poured walls.

Next; acid stain the concrete floor.

Begin the diamond clear cote sealer.

She should have been paid for this work! lol

Future workshop behind the support poles.  Pallets will block this off.

I have to admit; this came out way better than expected.

Looking at future Bunker Bar

Not a good picture, but one can see the mottled effect of acid staining.

Slowly moving stuff in.

Hmmm.... future gaming area!

Gotta break the bar in!

Early Stages of the Bunker Bar

Spray paint bar stools.

Recessed lights get a grey coating to blend with the ceiling.

Here is the 90% finished product.  One can see the pallet walls, recessed can lights and decor.

Still need to hang up some stuff.

Good look at the bar, stools & reused oil drums.

This is our bar area now.  Almost all of it is repurposed materials.

Used ugly cabinets that my wife shabby chic-ed for the war room. Beautiful now!

This little desk can be seen in an earlier photo prior to shabby chic.  Also, notice the burlap & pallets for walls.

One of my favorite games: Chain of Command.

Some of my goodies.

Even Theoden loves it down here.  There's a workshop behind the pallet wall also!

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