Saturday, April 23, 2016

Dragon Rampant

We dusted off our Lord of the Rings figures and a few other dark age figures to try the Dragon Rampant rules last night. Our first trial went well and had a blast!  We fielded an Orc warband vs. a barbarous horde from the north. We kept it basic and didn't get into magic or special abilities (which are pretty basic anyways). 
One aspect we loved was the activation phase. When it's your turn you really don't know if you'll get all your units to activate! This forces one to prioritize which units need to be concentrated on first.  I played on the Barbarian's side. As it turned out our entire left flank refused to do much for most of the game! And of course those were my units😁

The Orcish leaders plot to concentrate on our right flank. 

The orcs surge forward. Oh, yes they have a troll! 

The wild men from the North threaten the empty Orc right side. Unfortunately that's all they did!!

A unit of light infantry dwarves try to stabilize the center. 

A unit of heavy archers loose a volley into the oncoming Urik-Hais. 

An elite foot unit moves up in support of the archers. 

A unit of light mounted (wargs) moves into the woods on the Barbarian's left flank. 

The troll charged the elite foot unit. Heads will roll!

The foot unit took two strength points of damage while the troll only suffered one. 

On the Barbarian's turn the archers pincushion the troll with three more hits. 
Dragon Rampant uses strength points. Most units have either 6 or 12. The large troll has 12. 

The Barbarian's right starts to crumble from the combination of arrows from the wargs, the elite Orc unit (on top the hill now) and the Uruk-Hai in the center. 
In the few turns that passed (before this photo) one of the Uruk units and the troll broke and called it a day.  But the pressure is being felt as all the Barbarian's right side units are wearing down. 

The Uruk-Hai hit what is left of the elite foot. 

Meanwhile back on the left side.... Not much to report here. Do you folks need help over there?

The archers are well battered and therefore keep retiring backwards!
The wargs smell victory and rush out of the woods. 

The dwarves finally join the party against their sworn enemy. Not much happens though as they both take a few hits and fall back to regroup. 

With half the Barbarian's force gone the remaining units call it a day and swear to avenge the fallen on another day. 

Fast moving and dangerous. Wargs!

Orcish scouts celebrate their victory!!

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