Sunday, March 29, 2015

Chain of Command

We played a couple of CoC games this weekend. I really enjoyed them. The first one on Friday night was won by the Japanese. Unfortunately I didn't get any photos of that one. The next game was on Saturday with a regular Getman force taking on a veteran U.S. Airborne unit. 
On the Germans second phase they rolled double sixes. They fired on the Americans MMG and really damaged the unit. Then since they had the next phase they properly finished it off. This severely hurt the U. S. side. It was a cat and mouse game with both sides only deploying 2 squads each. The German right was bogged down with a U.S. squad in heavy cover and plenty of smoke. They deployed 3rd squad and tried the center just as the U.S. was doing the same. Lots of shooting ensued with both sides losing men. Finally the Americans boldly charged in the center with their 3rd squad. It was costly. Both squads were wiped out all except the German senior leader. The last push by the Americans on their right side was halted in its tracks when the Germans tactfully used a "Chain of Command" die to move one of their jump-off points. They then deployed their reserve squad and opened up on the U.S. squad. This  pinned the American squad. They broke on the next fire phase. With the American right fading and the center completely wiped out it was time to call it a day. Their morale was at zero so game over. Great game. I took a couple of photos but not many. 

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