Monday, January 12, 2015

Dux Britianiarum

My friend John Patrick is to thank for this wonderful game. I was always interested in Dark Age history especially Arthurian. This ge is by Too Fat Lardies and I can not recommend it more. I am going to post all my previous pictures of past games with the intent to post any further games played.  I hope the eye candy proves worthy. 

The Romano Brits won the first raid game.  Hard fought but the Saxons returned two months later to steal some livestock. 

Again the Romano-Brits defended their turf well. Heavy casualties on both sides. The Saxons returned two months later. 

The Saxons won a victory while raiding a church, but the price was high. A great noble warrior fell on the field. The mighty Wulfin fell in the front rank of the Saxon formation. His lose will be remembered in song and sagas. 

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