Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Rear Guard Action in Malaysia

I ran a really fun rear guard action scenario using out Bolt Action rules. Had a lot of fun with my son Cole and Steve Miller. My youngest even helped me out for about a third of the way through the game! Lol. 

I set up a quick game to play last Saturday evening. I used my available British figures and what support I could scrape up. It worked well since the Brits would have to make do with 3 squads, 1 MMG team, 3 six pounder AT guns, a light vickers tank and an air support FO for a strafing run. 

The IPA had 5 strong infantry squads, 3 light anti-tank guns, 1 medium Howitzer, a sniper team, and 3 MMG teams. All for the offensive!  Banzai!!!

The game started well for the Brits as the Japs suffered some casualties while advancing. Their objective was simple. Brush aside any resistance in front of them and press on down Singapore road. 

After turn three it was apparent that the Japs were stacking up the British right flank and was intending to shatter the defenders on that side. 

The Brits called in their one airstrike and landed it right on the money!  11 hits on a squad only to roll horrible for casualties!  Uh only 2 KIA's. :-(

That hurt the chances for a stiff British defense. Within 3 more turns the Japs did what they intended to do. They shattered and routed the entire British right flank. 

In the end the British were overrun and either captured, killed or escaped to fight another day. Even the little vickers tank was destroyed. 

Very fun time had by all and the game played smooth. 

Next game will be the British holding a rubber tree plantation with plenty of support!  

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