Wednesday, April 23, 2014

BIG MOVE! - To the Great State of TEXAS!

Well its been too long since my last blog.  I have good reason.... we moved.  I have to say it has and still is a great adventure!  Loaded up and headed south at the end of 2013.  
Visited the Alamo... of course!
 Found a home just south of Dallas, Texas.  Photo shows buds just popping at the end of February/begining of March.

Now... the unpacking begins.  UGH!!

 I am slowly converting the detached garage/shop into the new war room.  Right now it doesn't have a name but the kids & I are leaning towards "The Warriors Guild". 
Warriors Guild Game Tables
Warriors Guild Paint Area
Warriors Guild Unfinished Wall


At last... met some fellow gamers.  Gamed a few games of Napoleon at War & then a few of Pike & Shotte (Black Powder).  More to come...

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